Important Information for our 2020 Programs


Times for programs 

Summer Sneak Peak Programs – Monday, Wednesday and Friday – 11:00 and 4:00.  Sessions last 1 hour with additional fun activities to do during the week off screen. Find the supply lists here.

Week Long Programs – Monday – Friday – 10:00 – 5:00 with breaks and off-screen activities throughout the day.  All very interactive and active. Focus on building friendships and developing age appropriate skills.  We will be sending out supply boxes for the July Sessions. 

Summer 2020 T-shirts

If you are participating in a full week session (Magic & Mysteries, Camp Spirit Week, Into the Woods, KBI: Horse Adventures, or Camp Crawl), you will receive one of these shirts in your supply box! If you are not participating in any of these programs, you can purchase the shirt in addition to any virtual program! The shirts cost $19 and already include shipping. 


If someone received a campership, they received an award that was a certain percentage of the program total.  If they wish to register for one of our new program options, and want a campership, they will get the same percentage off of one virtual camp opportunity. 



All fees paid for camp, including the non-refundable deposit will be refunded with the original payment method.  Cookie Dough that has been redeemed towards camp will be reissued in the form of a gift certificate that can be used the same way as cookie dough. We really encourage people to keep their limited edition camp merchandise that they initially purchased, however if they decide against it we can refund it.  


Camp Thanks a Lot 

Due to the current restrictions we have had to cancel all in person Camp Thanks a Lot events.  Girls who qualified for this will receive the waterproof bag instead.  The bag will be distributed with other cookie sale reward items through the troop cookie volunteer.   


Cookie incentive ($70 voucher) 

For girls who sold enough cookies to receive the $70 cookie camp incentive, this will roll over into next season.  Girls can add this to any cookie sale voucher they earn in the 2021.  Or, if the girl prefers, she can trade-in the voucher and receive $35 cookie dough.  If the girl prefers to receive cookie dough, she should contact the Council Product Sales Department no later than July 30.     


Camp Go Getter Pricing 

There will not be any camp go getter pricing for the virtual camp offerings.   


Cookie Dough 

Cookie dough can be used for virtual camp opportunities.  This can be applied by completing the cookie dough form as normal.  


Non registered girls 

Any girl who is not currently registered for camp can register for our Virtual Programming starting on May 26th at 9 a.m. 


Merchandise purchases 

Girls will have their merchandise purchases mailed to them in July. 

Why are we charging for camp? 

We are charging for the virtual programs we are offering, because there is cost involved in delivering it.  We have had to hire staff to ensure that girls get the quality small group camping experience that they expect and love. We are committed to offering a safe, fun experience so we are adhering to all safety activity checkpoint ratio requirements, which means they are well staffed and secure. There is also cost for the software used as well.  For the July and August programs the girls will also be receiving fully stocked supply care packages.  There is significant preparation time for each hour of program.  Industry standards estimate that for every hour of delivered program, there is 5 hours of preparation, research and development.