Camp Ginger Cascades Summer Resident Camp

Girl Outdoor Leadership Development is the heart of Ginger Cascades Adventure Base Camp. Guided by the Girl Scout Mission of building girls of COURAGE, CONFIDENCE and CHARACTER, Camp Ginger Cascades’ premier offers ALL girls, ages 5-17, the ultimate opportunity for thrill-seeking excitement! A unique experience designed to help girls discover and develop themselves. What makes Ginger Cascades so special is the connection experienced with new friends, the support of well-trained staff and outdoor experiences that provide progression, challenge, and above all, FUN! For information on Troop Explorers, click HERE

Summer Resident Camp Session Descriptions

Please check the tab “Does My Camper Need a Physical?” to determine which camp sessions require campers to receive a physical prior to coming to camp.

Entering Grades 1-3 

Just the Two of Us June 17-20; June 20-23 Fee: $200 per person

Get away from it all and spend some time together out at camp making memories that will last a lifetime. Go boating, swimming, make some great crafts and explore camp together. There will even be time for s’mores and singing around the campfire before your time together at camp is done. This camp session is designed as a “mom” and girl program. Girls may bring along any female adult (age 18 or older) who is special to them. The Early Bird discount does not apply to this program. 

Amiguitas (Friends) June 17-20; June 20-23 Fee: $200

Are you ready for an adventure? Ready to stay overnight at camp and meet new friends? Come try out this fun half-week program and have a good time swimming, boating, playing group games, making crafts and even singing around the campfire at night. Come join us as you and your new Amiguitas explore camp together! The Early Bird discount does not apply to this program. 

Entering Grades 2-3

Get a Clue – NEW! June 24-30; July 22-28 Fee: $425

There is a mystery at Camp Ginger Cascades and we need your help to solve it! Girls in this program will work together to find clues, solve puzzles and discover the truth. When you aren’t gumshoeing around camp, you’ll go boating, swimming, visit the climbing wall and go cascading with your friends!


June 24-30; July 15-21 Fee: $425

For girls who love the water! You will have extra free swim time at the pool each day and take a swim lesson to hone your skills as a waterbug. Enjoy the fun of our cascades and learn how to canoe on our lake before your week ends.


Tasty Treats – NEW!  July 1-7 Fee: $425

Spend a week at camp making sweet treats for you and your friends! Bake cupcakes and cookies to share, and try out some desserts with unexpected ingredients. Before the week is over, you will also go boating, climb the rock wall and enjoy plenty of pool time.

Fantastical Fairies – NEW!  July 15-21 Fee: $425

Join us for a fantastic week at Camp Ginger Cascades! You’ll visit our fairy village to try and spot the famous Camp Ginger Cascades Winkles (our version of fairies!), build fairy houses, make fairy snacks, have a fairy-themed slumber party and slide down the cascades. You’ll also get a chance to cookout over a campfire, play games and do plenty of fairy crafts.

Entering Grades 4-5

Jill of All Trades June 24-30; July 15-21 Fee: $425

Can’t decide on just one program? This week is for you! You’ll enjoy all the fun that camp has to offer with swimming, boating, a campfire cookout and songs, along with some extra fun. Bake cupcakes, play improv acting games, take an extra trip to the craft center and try your hand at archery. Each day you’ll be a Jill of All Trades at Ginger Cascades!

Stargazers – NEW! 

June 24-30; July 22-28 Fee: $425

This program is for girls who love the night sky. You’ll create and write in your own dream journal, go stargazing during a late night boating session on the lake, make dreamcatchers, glow-in-the-dark creations and learn all about the constellations and navigating by the stars. Spend a late night exploring camp in the dark, do a night black light rock climb and sleep late the next morning to refresh for another day of camp activities!

Magical Mischief – NEW! July 1-7; July 22-28 Fee: $425 

Learn magic, card tricks and illusions to impress and astound all you meet! When you aren’t practicing your sleight of hand, brewing up magic potions or polishing up on your Quidditch skills, you will enjoy boating, cascading, swimming and all the other activities that make life at camp magical.

Swords and Scouts – NEW!CGC campfire July 1-7 Fee: $425

Master the art of swordplay! Play sword games with your friends using our foam swords, and make one of your own to take home. Learn the sport of fencing, a classic sport that hones girls’ focus, coordination and strategic thinking. When you aren’t swashbuckling around camp, you’ll go swimming, cascading, boating, climbing and more!

Daughters of Legend July 15-21 Fee: $425

Uncover ancient secrets, learn myths and legends from around the world and be the heroine of your own epic quest! Study the ways of the heroine (courage, character and confidence) and build your skills with swords, arrows, climbing and more. Create your own heroine’s medallion and test your mettle against the monsters of myth. You’ll even go home with a sword you make yourself!. 

Entering Grades 5-7


Beach Party

June 24-30; July 15-21 Fee: $425

If you love the water, you’ll love this week. Enjoy beach volleyball, paddleboard lessons, extra pool time, a cookout over a bonfire on the beach, beach games and more! In your down time, you’ll relax in the summer sun with a fruit smoothie or listen to music while swinging in a hammock next to your beach bum buddies. 

Warrior Women June 24-30 Fee: $425

Wonder Woman had her lasso, but you will have your swords, arrows and each other you train to be warrior women of tomorrow! Cardio kickboxing, climbing, archery, sword fighting and more are in store for you fearless females

Mission Chaleston – NEW! 

July 1-7; July 22-28 Fee: $600

Travel to Charleston, South Carolina with your friends to spend the night on the USS Yorktown! Participate in a virtual reality space mission, eat in the ship’s galley and bunk up like the crew. The rest of the week, you’ll continue your space mission at camp by building rockets and experimenting with gravity. You’ll also go stargazing, do some galaxy tie-dying and enjoy swimming, boating,  black light rock climbing and more!

Treasure Hunters  July 1-7 Fee: $425

Let the adventures begin! With compass and map in hand, you and your group will practice team work through orienteering, geocaching, codebreaking, epic scavenger hunts and more. There is more to Ginger Cascades than meeting the eye, and we hear these is even buried treasure in the mountains if you know here to look. You’ll need to watch your back if you’re seeking where C marks the spot! There be pirates in these woods!

Arrows Away  July 1-7 Fee: $425

These girls know that true archers like Artemis, Katniss and Merida honed their skills through practice and training. When you aren’t keeping your eyes on the target at our archery range or practicing for the dynamic archery challenge, you will be enjoying all the campfires, crafts and adventures that camp has to offer. You will even spend a night under the stars using your keen eyes to spot legendary archers in the constellations. Some archery experience required. 

Drama Driven July 15-21 Fee: $425

Do you love the spotlight? This week you will immerse yourself in acting games, stage combat and improv techniques. Get a chance to experiment with stage makeup and work with fellow actresses to  craft your own performance to put on for the entire camp! the final performance will be filmed and girls will take home a DVD to share with friends and family.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All – NEW! July 22-28 Fee: $425

We choose you! Embark on an epic adventure in our 400-acre wood searching for Pokemon. While taking this journey, you will sleep out under the stars at one of our primitive camping sites to experience what it is really like to be a Pokemon Trainer. Then you will test your fishing skills at our lake by trying to catch the Magikarp that spend their time flopping and splashing campers! You’ll spend the rest of your week enjoying all the fun activities that camp has to offer. Make sure to keep an eye out for our infamous Gyarados that lives in the lake!    

Entering Grades 6-8

A Session of Unfortunate Events – NEW! June 24-30 Fee: $425

Count Olaf and his despicable band of evildoers (a word which here means those who want nothing more than to steal from innocent children to make themselves rich) have made yet another plot to steal the Baudelaire fortune! The VFD needs your help to stop this unfortunate event from taking place and save the Baudelaires. Solve mysteries, crack codes and stop villains! We strongly recommend that you do not sign up for this session.

Get Lost  

June 24-30; July 15-21 Fee: $600

Time to head underground to explore the hidden world beneath our feet. You’ll go spelunking in the Lost Sea Caves and then even camp inside them! You and your group will take a ride in a glass bottomed boat across the nation’s largest underground lake! All this and the fun of camp, too!

Gamer Girls – NEW July 1-7 Fee: $425

Get together with your friends and play tabletop games to your heart’s content! Magic the gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, boss monster and more! Host gaming tournaments, invite other groups to play or keep it just you and your squad. Learn what makes these games fun and even develop your own tabletop board game to take home. You’ll also have plenty of time for more traditional camp activities like crafts, archery, boating and more!

Trail Mix – NEW

July 1-7 Fee: $600

Gather your friends and head out on an overnight trip to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. While you are there, you will explore the trails on foot, before experiencing harder to reach park locations during a horseback trail ride! Once you are back at camp, you will have plenty of time to horse around in the pool, race giant fl oats on the lake and test your skills at our archery range.

Adventurous Archers – NEW! 

July 15-21 Fee: $425

Take your archery skills to the next level as you brave Camp Ginger Cascade’s new field archery course! Spend your days at the range learning to identify all the equipment at your disposal, the science behind what makes your arrows fly, different archery stances and compare bow types. Play archery games, build your own arrow and take part in a timed archery challenge. Spend the rest of your time taking in all that camp has to offer – boating, hammocking, cascading and more. Some archery experience required.

Amazing Amazons June 22-28 Fee: $425

For teen girls who aren’t afraid of a challenge, this program will rock your world! Rock climbing, cardio kickboxing and a mountain side obstacle course are in store in this high intensity week. Re-fuel with a nutritious meal you cook yourself over a campfire and reward yourself with a refreshing slide down the Cascades after a day of hiking camp’s many trails. 

Glamping Girls July 22-28 Fee: $425

Camp in style and comfort. Hang out in hammocks, cook a gourmet campfire meals and come up with your own sweet s’mores recipe. You will make all-natural spa treatments like sugar scrubs, body butters and hot oil conditioners. Dip your own candles and many more glamping activities! Now, THIS is camping!  

Entering Grades 9-12

Let it Simmer – NEW!      July 1-7 Fee: $525

Learn how to cook or sharpen your culinary skills with the culinary masters at Camp Ginger Cascades! Every day you will cook a new food, camp style. Take part in cooking challenges, experiment with international foods from different countries, make your own cheese and more. You’ll visit a local farmer’s market and create your own recipe book so you can take your new skills home. Camp never tasted so good!

Destination Relaxation – NEW! 

July 15-21 Fee: $525

Spend a week at camp pampering yourself. Practice your yoga skills at camp before taking a day trip to participate in a goat yoga class offsite. Spend a relaxing afternoon paddle boarding around the lake. Make bath bombs, lotions, smoothies, scented candles and more. You’ll even hike to Camp Ginger Cascade’s hidden waterfall. Before the week is done, make decadent desserts over a campfire and spend a night swinging in a hammock. What better way to enjoy a week at camp!

Cosplay Creations – NEW! 

July 22-28 Fee: $425

Ever wonder what it would be like to be your favorite comic book or video game character? In this program, girls will learn about materials used to make costumes to cosplay their favorite characters from TV, movies and comics. Engineer some costume pieces at camp to bring home and learn sewing and building techniques to use on future projects. You’ll also get a chance to play around with costume makeup, when you aren’t shooting arrows at our archery range or paddling canoes in our lake.


Leadership Programs 

CIT I (Counselor-in-Training) – Grades 10-12 July 1-14 Fee: $575

Thinking about working at camp someday? CIT I’s learn leadership, teamwork, group dynamics and more as they develop new skills and practice them in groups under the supervision of our trained staff. You will work with younger girls leading games, teaching new songs and sharing your love of camp. CIT I’s certify in Red Cross First Aid/CPR and with successful completion of this program, CIT’s earn the CIT I pin and an opportunity to apply as a Counselor-in-Training II. Campers in this program will stay over the weekend at camp. The Early Bird pricing does not apply to this program. 

CIT II (Counselor-in-Training) – Grades 11-12 June 17-July 7, Plus your intern week: July 8-14; July 15-21;July 22-28 Fee: $650

If you have successfully completed the CIT I program, you may apply for CIT II. If accepted, you will learn how to design and deliver programs, facilitate specialized camp activities and further develop your leadership and teamwork skills. CIT II’s nationally certify in First Aid/CPR and receive their CIT II pin. Campers in this program will stay over the weekend at camp. The Early Bird pricing does not apply to this program. 

Does My Camper Need A Physical? 

If your camper’s program is listed below, a physical, signed by a medical professional, is required to participate in the camp session.

Mission Charleston

Get Lost 

Trail Mix

Let it Simmer

Destination Relaxation 

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*All three GSCP2P camps have units (campsites) unique to their property. Most of them are cabins, while some may include platform tents, tree houses or bunkhouses. Each camp has trained counselors housed in separate quarters within the unit, close enough to supervise campers and their interactions, but sleeping in their own cabin. For some of the younger girl programs, staff actually stay in the larger cabins with their groups. Please be sure to read the camp descriptions, and remember you are welcome to attend an open house at any or all of our camps to see the housing each camp has to offer.